Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Twin?
A Digital Twin is a software model (i.e. it exists in the so-called‘virtual world’) which is created to shadow and predict the behaviour of a system or process in the ‘real world’.  The term was first used in the context of Product Lifecycle Management in the early 2000s and later became a key element of the Industry 4.0 initiative. The advent of the Internet of Things (IOT) and ever-increasing availability of processing power, storage and bandwidth has fuelled its growth in manufacturing.
 What is a DTO?
DTO is short for Digital Twin of an Organization. It refers to a collection of linked models of an organization, focussing on processes and systems rather than machines. All kinds of processes can be modelled –people-based, such as queues at the supermarket checkout, IT systems such as procurement and order-to-cash within and overall supply chain, and even complex IT events such as upgrades to a business application.  
What is Process Mining?
Process Mining is a relatively new data science which has proved to be extremely useful in discovering and describing complex processes.It’s a bottom-up approach, using analysis of the event data in logs created from actual events to infer the underlying logic of the processes that produced them. It was pioneered by Professor Wil van der Aalst at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and later RWTH Aachen University. Process Mining has been extended to cover conformance checking– identifying and taking action when events occur that do not match the desired process.
What is the Digital Thread?
The Digital Thread is the record of all the data that has been transferred from the real world to the Digital Twin. The data is time-stamped so it can be used to reconstruct and replay events as part of the diagnostic analysis leading to process improvement.
What is AutoML?
Automated Machine Learning is an AI solution to the challenge of applying machine learning to real-world problems. It automates many of the steps in theprocess – data pre-processing, feature engineering, feature selection, algorithm selection and parameter optimisation. In GeminiOS AutoML is used to manage analysis and simulation within the platform.
How did Geminio Digital get its name?
‘Geminio’ is taken from the final ‘Harry Potter' book.  It refers to a magic spell that can be used to cause any object to be duplicated. So ‘Geminio Digital’ is literally a spell for making digital twins! The ‘OS’ in our technology platform GeminiOS is short for ‘Operating System’. GeminiOS is the operating system on which an organization can model and improve its processes.  

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